Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sometimes my friends who make films ask me to act for them- this is extremely flattering, and I always wish I could do better at it, but I have no training. Anyway it's a lot of fun, I'd love to do more!

My character appears at about two minutes in the following promo. Chuck, one of the first people I met in Atlanta, asked me to be in. He's moved to LA now and got none other than Erni to edit it!! Holy smoke!

"Rock and Roll Lawyer"

And my dear friend Jeremy asked me to play a homeless man in this film, which we worked on towards the end of college. It was really really fun! I miss him, he's in Austin now.

"Playing with Power"

The first films I was ever in were by Jed Shoemaker but I can't find any of them online- hopefully someday!! I don't even have a big beard in some of them, how about that?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Man I need to post more!! Ryan's blog is very inspiring.

Here's my favorite kind of drawing to do:

ASIFA-Atlanta's "Blowin' Smoke", the showcase of local commercial animated work, will happen July 23rd at the Five Spot. It should be a lot of fun!!

Speaking of which I should post some pictures from "Roll Yer Own"!! Thanks SO much to everyone who showed up. It felt wonderful to hear people clap for my little, very short, animated piece that I'd rendered at like 4am that morning, whee! Seriously, it felt great to have that kind of support. One particular professional animator I really look up to said to me, "Another one to add to the classics!" which meant so much.

Once I finish the short piece that was in "Roll Yer Own", it'll be a part of Sean Jarrett's music film about his trip across the country.

Check out the ASIFA-Atlanta Google calendar:!

I believe the next workshop lecture will probably be about different ways to encode/render video. Last meeting was the AfterEffects tutorial. Website is here.

Got myself a light box, some pegs, and some paper- I was very inspired by Bryan's setup! I had Bryan and Ryan over yesterday and Bryan showed us some traditional technique which we were very excited about.

Maybe it's backwards that I'm wanting to move towards traditional when everyone else is moving to Flash, which I've used for years now? Paper feels so good to draw on, though!! :) It couldn't hurt I suppose.

Oh! I went to the Yo-Yo show last night and saw a bunch of amazing local animator artists there. And my friend Adam on theremin!!! I didn't get to talk to anyone as long as I wanted but if I saw you there, please know that I was very happy to see you (Corey, Todd, Thom, Amber, Porkchop, Penney, Stephanie, Adam.... I didn't run into Mike unfortunately but I know he was there). And I got to meet Pierre, how about that?? :)

I do need to write in here more. Thanks for reading!