Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ASIFA-Atlanta thanks you! Plus: animation-related news!

Below is a mass email I sent out about ASIFA-Atlanta's show and other animation news I've collected for the past couple weeks:

Hello animation fan!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make our first annual art show / music show / party a big success- volunteers, artists, musicians, and those who came out to support us!

We filled up Eyedrum's parking lot, had awesome art and music, and raised some money for ASIFA-Atlanta so we can keep doing exciting things in 2009!

Jerry Fuchs (aka "Fooksie") wrote about his experience, complete with pictures:


I've started a Flickr group for anyone to upload photos from the night; so far, we have pictures from Jerry Fuchs, myself, Savannah, and Bianca Butler; the pictures are a bit unsorted but there's a lot there to look at:


If the show had been a film, these would be the credits; thank you to:

- All our artists, without whom there wouldn't be a show at all
- All our performers and musicians: William Tucker, Floating Coats, The Back Pockets, Omelet, and Falcon Lords
- Alena Spragg for getting the whole thing started and printing posters, getting snacks, helping with dropoff, emails, Facebook, etc etc
- Jennifer Barclay, Aubrey Longley-Cook and Mikel, who did an amazing job hanging all the art (didn't it look nice?)
- Jennifer for the delicious pie and beautiful ASIFA-Atlanta flyers and for the sign for the show
- All our door volunteers, which is something I always greatly appreciate: Alena, Jillian Fratkin, Sandee Chamberlain, Robert Paraguassu, and Mollie Brock
- Our videographers: Bryan Fordney and Sean Jarrett
- Our photographer: Bianca Butler
- Jay Blodgett for the mass emails and for making artist submission form
- Jess Blankenship from Eyedrum for all the Eyedrum help and art show guidance
- Nathan Brown from Eyedrum who did a tremendous job with sound and setting up the projector

Our next scheduled event is An Evening of Stop-Motion Puppet Films at Center for Puppetry Arts (http://puppet.org/) on Saturday, Jan 17, 2009, 8pm. ASIFA-Atlanta is proud to be helping with this event!

Come enjoy the end result of countless hours of painstaking puppet manipulation captured on film one frame at a time as we celebrate an evening of stop-motion puppet animation. The evening includes Adam Elliot's Academy Award-winning Harvie Krumpet from Australia, Haunted Hogmanay from Ko-Lik Films of Scotland, as well as gems from Ray Harryhausen and Screen Novelties International, Barry Purves and Corky Quakenbush.
Location: Mainstage Theater
Cost: $7; $5 Center Members

Just a couple days later, the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (http://www.ajff.org/) will be showing Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist, at Lefont Sandy Springs, on Monday, Jan 19, 2009, 4:40pm. It's possible a representative from ASIFA-Atlanta will introduce the film and do a Q&A. This will be the Atlanta premiere of the film, which is a documentary on Will Eisner. Mark Mayerson writes about it here:


Speaking of premieres, Delgo was released to theatres on December 12th! This indepenent animated feature was created here in Atlanta by Fathom Studios. It screened at Annecy as well as the Red Stick Animation Festival in Baton Rogue. It also won Best Animated Feature at the Anima Mundi Film Festival in Brazil. I'd love to see more independent animated features produced with local talent!

Atlanta Film Festival is seeking entries, especially good animation. ASIFA-Atlanta will be involved with the festival's animation night; if you have a good film, please submit! The last deadline is January 9, 2009. Details here:


Local teen Jabril Mack, 15, won the 2008 Nickelodeon Greater Creator Award for his entry "Chicken Herder", which competed with over a thousand other entries! Article here:


And the film itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90SnATFREPw

John Ryan, ASIFA-Atlanta board member and head of local studio Dagnabit! sent me their holiday card to share with everyone:


We'll be having an ASIFA-Atlanta board meeting sometime soon to plan for 2009.

Here's what we have so far for 2009:

- Figure Drawing every Thursday at Westwood College
- Monthly Animation Workshop at Manuel's Tavern
- Monthly Boozer Doodle

- "An Evening of Stop-Motion" on Jan. 17th
- "Monster Road", documentary on Bruce Bickford, at Center for Puppetry Arts in March
- Atlanta Film Festival's "Animation Extravaganza" in April
- "Roll Yer Own" in May
- "Blowin' Smoke" in July
- "Animation Attack!" in August
- "International Animation Day" in October
- "Gallery Show" in December

More to come!

Take care and thanks for an amazing year!

-Brett W. Thompson, President of ASIFA-Atlanta

Monday, December 15, 2008

Collabamation with Em Kempf


I helped Em set up iStopMotion and her Canon ZR850, and we created this film together! She's much more experienced with this kind of animation than me, and is more spontaneous, but she's also inspiring! Music by The Back Pockets.

Thanks Em!

See her blog or her YouTube page for more of her work.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blast from the Past: Review of "Fluidtoons" from 2006

Thanks to Google Alerts, I found an old review of "Fluidtoons" from when it screened at the 2006 Atlanta Film Festival!

Brandon liked it:


Makes me want to make more Fluidtoons and/or be in Atlanta Film Festival again. Thank you Brandon! :)

Fluidtoons are the easiest type of animation for me to do- around 2004, I figured out the very very basics of Flash and just started drawing and tracing, doing little straight-ahead animation exercises that eventually I assembled into "Fluidtoons" for the 2004 IFL screening at FSU, at the encouragement of my friend Cameron... I definitely wasn't going to submit anything, not having made any live action film, but Cameron said, "Why don't you put together some of these animations you've been doing?" It was at that screening it won the audience choice award! I had never experienced sitting in a theatre seeing people laugh at my animation before. It was quite a trip!

A couple years later, Joe Peery (my ASIFA-Atlanta predecessor and mentor) and Ward Jenkins saw it at the Animation Slam at the Earl in 2006, and liked it so much that it won somehow, and was entered into the Atlanta Film Festival. I met some important folks at that Slam: Joanna Davidovich and pretty much the entire Lillie B Ross Society, a member of whom (John Cason) now does beautiful graphic design for ASIFA-Atlanta flyers.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ASIFA-Atlanta Golden Age of Comics/Cartoons Show

Awesome press release written by Jay, ASIFA-Atlanta secretary! Flyer by John Cason!


(404) 522-0655

ATLANTA, GA - ASIFA-Atlanta, in association with Eyedrum, is proud to present its first annual ASIFA-Atlanta Art Show. In keeping with the spirit of ASIFA, the collection of work by its members is inspired by the Golden Age of Comics and Cartoons. There promises to be an exceptional display of character driven and humorous pieces that is indicative of the work being produced by Atlanta's animation community. The collection will feature contributions from over three dozen artists. (A partial list of artists is attached below.) The majority of pieces displayed will also be available for sale.

The show will be on display at Eyedrum Gallery with the following schedule:

Opening, Saturday, December 6th, 8pm - 11pm; ($7 admission; Free for Eyedrum Members, ASIFA Members and Participating Artists)

Regular gallery hours are:
Fridays (3:00pm - 8:00pm)
Saturdays and Sundays (1:00pm - 6:00pm), through December 28th.

Additionally, the Opening Night of the Gallery Show will feature food, drinks and live music performances by Omelet, The Back Pockets, Floating Coats, and The Falcon Lords. (Music contacts and further info is attached below.)

Promotional art (original poster design by John Cason) is attached and is also available for download at:


Partial list of artists:

Paige Adair, Deirdre Aims, Alex App, Joel Ball, Jonathan Bass, Andrew Bellury, Ryan Bousquet, Bianca Butler, John Cason, Aubrey Longley-Cook, Almon Ray Crosby, Chris Diamond, Jason Desilva, eggtooth, Lindsey Elcessor, Thom Foolery, Jerry Fuchs, jert, Amanda Goodbread, Kat Hagan, Merill Hagan, Chris Hamer, Ambrose Hoilman, Em Kempf, Josh Latta, Laurence Laufer, April Leigh, Solomon Mars, Oscar D. Mejia, Savannah Murphy, Ted Murphy, Anthony Owsley, Robert Paraguassu, Joe Peery , Claire Reeve, Brandon Ross, John Ryan, Rebecca Salcedo, Rebecca Scott, San Smith, Allen Spetnagel, Alena Spragg, Jacqueline Stringham, Stephen Sweny, Brett W. Thompson, Rich Tommaso

Featured music on Opening Night:
The Back Pockets
Floating Coats
Falcon Lords

ASIFA-Atlanta is quickly becoming the foremost animation community builder in the Southeast. "ASIFA" stands for Association Internationale du Film d'Animation and was founded in France in 1960 as a membership organization devoted to encouraging animation. Our goal is to bring together people who are interested in animation and to give them a forum to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and, most importantly, animation! For more information, please visit: www.asifa-atlanta.com

Established in 1998, Eyedrum is a non-profit organization developing an interdisciplinary approach to the arts by incorporating a wide range of contemporary art, music and new media in its gallery space.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don Hertzfeldt, Xtacles, Costa Rica, WonderRoot show, Eyedrum show

Oh man. I'd like to write more but I have to pack!

- Don Hertzfeldt tonight was awesome!! Thanks to everyone who came and especially to those who helped make it happen (Karl Sigler especially, and Robert and Laurence for their handiwork, and Alena who updated an important spreadsheet). I could thank so many people! Kelly Duane, whose blog I was reading then clicked on her link to Don's to discover he was going on tour which led to tonight, deserves thanks too, even though she's in NYC!

- There's a brand new series on Adult Swim by 70/30! You might know their previous shows, "Sealab: 2021" and "Frisky Dingo". The new show's a spinoff of "Frisky Dingo" and is called "The Xtacles". If you watch closely, you can spot my face in the first episode; look for the bearded guy in the second half of the show:

The Xtacles Epsidode 1

I don't know how long that link'll work. Here's an article about the series.

- I'm leaving for Costa Rica at 7am to help with the Montezuma International Film Festival there. I have not packed yet.

- There's going to be an amazing music and art show November 22nd at WonderRoot. Three of my most favorite bands in the world (Omelet, The Back Pockets, and Eshniner Forest) will be playing, along with other bands I don't know about yet. More details to come soon, but rest assured it's going to be amazing because Em Kempf is running it- and any show with Omelet OR The Back Pockets is great, and this one has both!!

- The next ASIFA-Atlanta event is our big art and music show on December 6th. If you're an artist, dropoff is December 3rd at Eyedrum. We're still working out the details for art dropoff.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tonight only: CARTUNE XPREZ at 7:30pm in SCAD-Atlanta's Hub

Thanks to everyone who came to and helped with International Animation Day! It was a big success! If I have time I'll write up a little follow-up. Many thanks to Karl Sigler and John Ryan in particular.

So I just found out that tonight CARTUNE XPREZ is at SCAD-Atlanta's hub:


The show is scheduled to start at 7:30pm.

Check out their website:


More info:

"Cartune Xprez" Traveling Animation Party

October 26, 2008

The multimedia dance duo, Hooliganship, will be presenting the latest incarnation of "Cartune Xprez," an 80-minute program of short animated videos and performances that celebrates the wilderness of imagination through motion pictures. Featured artists include Bruce Bickford, Shana Moulton, Takeshi Murata, Paper Rad and more. In addition to the cartoon theater performance, they will perform their most recent piece, "Realer," in which audiences strap on a pair of 3-D glasses to bear witness to a televised parade gone awry. This one-night event, on Thursday Oct. 30 from 7:30 -9:30 p.m., has been in the works for two years. The program features collaborations with Frank Zappa and major exhibitions at the Whitney Biennial, the Museum of Modern Art, Sundance Film Festival and many other institutions throughout the world. Hooliganship's live multimedia performance is followed by an animation screening. For more information, visit the Web site www.cartuneexprez.com or contact Professor Avantika Bawa at abawa@scad.edu.

Hope to see you there!

-Brett W. Thompson, President of ASIFA-Atlanta

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ASIFA-Atlanta IAD 2008 Press Release

Our ASIFA-Atlanta secretary, Jay, is awesome. He wrote the following press release for International Animation Day 2008; thanks Jay!!

OCTOBER 28, 2008, 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM

ATLANTA, GA - In 2002, ASIFA, the International Animated Film Association, launched a global event to celebrate the art of animation. October 28th was proclaimed as International Animation Day, commemorating the first public performance of Emile Reynaud's Theatre Optique at the Grevin Museum in Paris, in 1892.

Each year, ASIFA groups around the world celebrate International Animation Day. In 2007, about 40 different countries in all the continents celebrated this day. The Atlanta Chapter of ASIFA is excited to invite the film and art loving community to its third year celebration, with a free screening of animated films submitted from around the world: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, France, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Korea, Portugal,...

ASIFA-Atlanta is particularly excited to be presenting this year's International Animation Day at the High Museum's Hill Auditorium! This will be the second year there, and the auditorium itself is an exceptionally appropriate venue to showcase the work of these international artists. The program continues to be gathered as as work is being shipped, transmitted and downloaded around the world, nearly up to the screening. The collection is being curated by Karl Sigler, ASIFA-Atlanta's Screening Coordinator.

The show is free and reservations are HIGHLY recommended. Please reserve your FREE ticket at http://asifa-atlanta.com before all 225 seats fill up! There will be two showings, 7pm and 9pm. Hope to see you there!

Promotional art (original poster design by Michel Ocelot; text and logos adapted by John Cason) is attached and is also available for download at:


ASIFA-Atlanta is quickly becoming the foremost animation community builder in the Southeast. "ASIFA" stands for Association Internationale du Film d'Animation and was founded in France in 1960 as a membership organization devoted to encouraging animation. Our goal is to bring together people who are interested in animation and to give them a forum to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and, most importantly, animation! For more information, please visit: www.asifa-atlanta.com

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ASIFA-Atlanta Update, September 2008

I wrote this for ASIFA's members-only magazine. I didn't realize how much we'd done!!

I'm also realizing that this blog is slowing morphing into almost entirely ASIFA-Atlanta-related content. I'd like to post more Brett-related art stuff in the future. I think posts like the one about munnybrella is a good direction. We'll see!

Okay, here's the article:

ASIFA-Atlanta continues to thrive, thanks to our dedicated volunteers and the inspiring animation community in Atlanta. Since our last update, we've had three big events, and we have three more planned, in addition to our regularly recurring events- a weekly figure drawing class (run by Joe Peery) and the monthly Animators' Workshop at Manuel's Tavern, run by our Screening Coordinator Karl Sigler.

On May 26th, ASIFA-Atlanta had its annual "Roll Yer Own" event, which showcases locally-produced independent animation. This year was particularly impressive, featuring a wide range of techniques. For instance, we showed "Moviekiss: The Lite Brite Video", animated with a lite brite, "Knight vs Knight", animated on a TI-86 graphic calculator, and "Bee Bog", animated traditionally and composited with AfterEffects.

More films for "Roll Yer Own" included the music video "Code Monkey" by ASIFA-Atlanta webmaster Jennifer Barclay, and a brief introduction by ASIFA-Atlanta President Brett W. Thompson. Recent graduate Amanda Goodbread premiered her thesis film, "Curtains", at this screening. Two first-time local animators, Emily Kempf and Gary Eddy, showed their films as well. Two of the longer pieces, "Hitler's Brain" by Count Lear Bunda, local Adult Swim employee, and "24 Frames" by Brad Patullo (submitted on his behalf by Lee Crowe), were years in the making.

"Roll Yer Own" was very well attended- the Five Spot, our venue, was completely packed! We actually scheduled a second showing as a result. Many thanks to John Cason for the beautiful flyer that helped promote the show, and to ASIFA-Atlanta Screening Coordinator Karl Sigler for compiling all the films onto a single DVD, which is no small feat. For the second showing of "Roll Yer Own", we added one film, "Busted", by Matt Maiellaro. Although best known for this popular and amusing work on Aqua Teen, Matt's film "Busted" differs in its approach, featuring no dialogue and fluid, kid-friendly animation. Also special to the second screening, Gary Eddy performed his film's soundtrack live, singing and playing ukelele.

On July 14th, we showed Atlanta-produced commerical animation for another annual event called "Blowin' Smoke". Local studios showcased their best work and generously took the time to talk to eager animators seeking advice and employment. Atlanta studios that participated included Primal Screen, Radical Axis, Turner Studios, and 70/30; all of their work was impressive and inspiring, and we were very grateful to have several of the studio big shots in attendance (Doug Grimmett of Primal Screen, Craig Hartin of Radical Axis, Joe Peery of Turner Studios, and Neal Holman of 70/30).

One of the best submissions, an opening title sequence for a pilot called "Kupser", was from local animator Joanna Davidovich, who's great at design. Recent transplant Chris Miller also showed excellent, hilarious work, and locals Mark Smith and Laurence Laufer also showed commerical animation as part of the screening.

"Animation Attack!", part of the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, was a big success. We showed an animated feature at Lenny's, "John's Arm: Armageddon", and two blocks of awesome animated shorts at Atlanta's historic Plaza Theatre. Several of the films came from animators who were working on Superjail at Augenblick Studios in Brooklyn at the time.

Although all the films were amazing, we chose several to receive awards, including Aaron Augenblick's "Golden Age", which was given the highest honor of Best Animated Short. We gave Mathieu Labaye's "Orgesticulanismus" Best Foreign Animated Short, and Max Margulies and Naoko Masuda, who were in attendance from Philidelphia, received Best Student Animated Short for "God of Tears". We showed ASIFA-East member Tim Rauch's film "Germans in the Woods" which got Best Dramatic Animated Short. "Marvelous, Keen, Loony Bin", by Lizzi Akana, was a distinct audience favorite, and "Muto" received the "Most Impressive Animation Technique" award. Em Kempf received the Best Local Animated Short for "Maniacal" and Amanda Goodbread received "Best Local Student Animated Short" for "Curtains".

"Animation Attack!" was very well received and attended- it was a joy and relief for staff to hear the audience laugh loudly at films like Chris Conforti's "Frog" and Edmond Hawkins' "Soccer Time". Max Margulies, Naoko Masuda, and Amanda Goodbread answered questions from the audience, moderated by Brett W. Thompson.

Upcoming ASIFA-Atlanta events are International Animation Day at the High Museum's Hill Auditorium on October 28th, Don Hertzfeldt at Midtown Art Cinema on November 11th, and to end the year, an art opening on December 6th at Eyedrum, featuring a plethora of Golden Era themed artwork by local cartoonists and wildly creative music by local bands Floating Coats, The Back Pockets, The Falcon Lords, and Omelet. Details for these and future events can be found at asifa-atlanta.com.

-Brett W. Thompson, President of ASIFA-Atlanta

Monday, September 29, 2008

ASIFA-Atlanta Membership Form

This is an experimental replacement for our paper form, as beautiful as it is!

ASIFA (Association Internationale du Film d'Animation) was formed in 1960 by an international group of animators to coordinate and increase worldwide visibility of animated film. ASIFA's membership includes animation professionals and fans from more than 50 countries

Benefits to being a member of ASIFA-Atlanta:
- Discounts to screenings, festivals, and events
- The right to show your work in our annual screenings of local animation, "Roll Yer Own" and "Blowin' Smoke" as well as possibly have your film sent around the world as part of "International Animation Day"
- You'll be a member of ASIFA-International as well, which means you will get a subscription to the ASIFA members-only magazine
- And best of all, it offers you a chance to meet and talk with professionals, students, and other fans of animation!

Be a part of the thriving animation community in Atlanta- join ASIFA-Atlanta!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Superjail premieres tonight!

I'm a huge fan of Superjail. Aaron Augenblick hired an unbelievably talented staff, and he and Christy Karacas are brilliant.

Several of the films in Animation Attack! came from Augenblick folks who worked on Superjail! We showed two of Christy's films last year, and this year Aaron's film "Golden Age" got Best Animated Short, for instance.

I also got to visit Augenblick Studios briefly when I visited NYC. What an awesome place!!

So, Superjail premieres tonight at 11:45pm on Adult Swim, woo hoo!

I just found some extras on adultswim.com:

- Pilot (with extras!! wow!!)
- First Episode (airing tonight I think?)

Thanks to Radio Diatribe blog for these links!

I love Superjail for many reasons. It's great to see full, beautiful, crazy animation like this, and it's inspiring and encouraging that it was all done by hand and not shipped anywhere. It's great to see the crazy gags (I'm a sucker for violence). And it's really great to see super talented animators working on something they love (it shows!).

I'm hoping Superjail will have a big impact and bring more appreciation for hand-drawn, creative animation like this. Yay!

Support Superjail!! I want to see a second season happen, even though I've only seen two episodes, haha!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quote about Don Hertzfeldt's new film

I've mentioned this before but thanks to ASIFA-Atlanta's screening coordinator Karl Sigler, Don Hertzfeldt is coming to Atlanta to show his new film (and his old ones too) on November 11th, 9pm, at Midtown Art Cinema! It's going to be awesome!

We just got this quote about the film, "I Am So Proud of You":

"A fucking masterpiece. I can't even begin to articulate my thoughts about the
film but it just gave me shivers and I wasn't able to attend the party after
the screening. Just had to be alone. It had this effect on a number of other
people here too. Stunning, beautiful, tragic, absurd work."

-Chris Robinson
Director, Ottawa International Animation Festival


Monday, September 22, 2008

munnybrella at MINT

There was an awesome munny show at MINT yesterday; my little guy is in the picture above! I've got some other pictures of him that I might post later.

I was thoroughly impressed with the high quality of the pieces. I could talk about all of them, but you should just see for yourself.

More info here:


Thanks to Victoria Warren and Chris for putting together such a great show, and also to MINT of course!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

ASIFA-Atlanta Art Show!

ASIFA-Atlanta is having an art opening/music show/party! It's at the Eyedrum on December 6th. Entry will be free for ASIFA-Atlanta members, Eyedrum members, and participating artists, and $7 for other folks.

This art show was the idea of ASIFA-Atlanta board member Alena Spragg. We want to give our members and the community a chance to show their talents. We also want to throw an event to end the year with a bang!

Most of ASIFA-Atlanta's events are film screenings, but this event will showcase a plethora of art inspired by Golden Age Comics and Cartoons, as well as the extremely creative music of Floating Coats, The Back Pockets, The Falcon Lords, and Omelet. All of these bands either have visual artists as members or are visually interesting themselves. It is certain to be captivating.

The purpose of the theme of Golden Age Comics and Cartoons is to serve as inspiration and also to encourage research and appreciation.

ASIFA-Atlanta is the local chapter of the worldwide animation society ASIFA ("Association International du Film d'Animation"), which was founded in 1960 in France. One need not be an animator to be an ASIFA-Atlanta member. ASIFA aims to promote the art and appreciation of animation.

ASIFA-Atlanta puts together animation screenings of films from all over the world ("International Animation Day"), local independent and commercial films ("Roll Yer Own" and "Blowin' Smoke"), and historical cartoons ("To Hell with Hitler", curated by Clay Croker last February), as well as offering a regular workshop at Manuel's Tavern (www.atl-animators.org) and a weekly figure drawing class (every Thursday night at Westwood College).

Artists participating in this show include veteran animation professionals (Joe Peery, Todd Redner, John Ryan), award-winning comics artists (Rich Tommaso, who recently won the Eisner) and many very talented locals, including several people from the Hand Job Live Art Crew (Thom Foolery, Andrew Bellury, Ted Murphy, Chris Hamer, Amanda Goodbread), and dedicated ASIFA-Atlanta volunteers (Aubrey Longley-Cook, Laurence Laufer, Jacqueline Stringham), as well as independent comics artists (Alex App, Joel Ball, Ambrose Hoilman).

The lovely flyer was designed by John Cason.

The following is the list of artists participating in the show (so far!):

Alena Spragg
Alex App
Allen Spetnagel
Amanda Goodbread
Ambrose Hoilman
Andrew Bellury
April Leigh
Aubrey Longley-Cook
Brandon Ross
Brett W. Thompson
Chris Hamer
Claire Reeve
Jacqueline Stringham
Joe Peery
Joel Ball
John Cason
John Ryan
Laurence Laufer
Rebecca Salcedo
Rich Tommaso
Ryan Bousquet
Savannah Murphy
Solomon Mars
Stephen Sweny
Ted Murphy
Thom Foolery
Todd Redner

Friday, September 12, 2008

ASIFA-Atlanta Art Show!

ASIFA-Atlanta is having an art opening/music show/party! It's at the Eyedrum on December 6th, and you are invited :)

Entry will be free for ASIFA-Atlanta members, Eyedrum members, and participating artists, and $7 for other folks.

We are still very much looking for artists. If you email us soon, we will be able to include your name on the flyer when we print it up! :)

Here are the submission details:

- Any art somehow inspired by Golden Age of Comics/Cartoons (we're stretching it from 1920's to 1970's)
- Artists who aren't members of ASIFA-Atlanta will have to pay a $5 entry free
- Artists will be able to sell their art for a price of their choosing (so the $5 will hopefully be easy to get back!)
- Drop off day is November 17th
- Pieces will hang in Eyedrum for about three weeks
- Artists can submit 1-3 pieces
- Please email brett.w.thompson@gmail.com or spragg.a7@gmail.com to be added to the artist list

The following mind-blowingly amazing bands will be playing:



The Falcon Lords


The Back Pockets


Floating Coats


Thanks to John Cason for making the beautiful flyer!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Upcoming ASIFA-Atlanta Events:

- International Animation Day at the High Museum on October 28th, free! 7pm and 9pm.You'll be able to reserve seats at asifa-atlanta.com as the date gets closer.

- Don Hertzfeldt at Midtown Art Cinema on November 11th, 9pm, $8 for ASIFA-Atlanta members, $10 for regular folks

- First Annual ASIFA-Atlanta Gallery Show December 6th at Eyedrum; bands playing are Omelet, The Falcon Lords, The Back Pockets, and Floating Coats! Participating artists and ASIFA-Atlanta members will get in free.

We are still very much looking for artists to submit work for the show; work is due November 17th and can be anything inspired by Golden Era of Comics/Cartoons. Please email Brett at brett.w.thompson@gmail.com if you are interested in being added to the list of artists. You'll be able to put a price on and hopefully sell your work- it will hang in Eyedrum for about three weeks. If you're not an ASIFA-Atlanta member, there will be a $5 hanging fee (but as a participating artist you'll get in for free).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Animation Attack! 2008 Awards

Previous blog post with thanks and summary

Firstly let me say that I love all of the films in the festival- being picked is an award in itself, as it were!

Last year we tried to pick a single film and couldn't so we gave the "Triad of Power" award to three films ("Adventure Time" by Pendleton Ward, "Sinking of the Hunley" by Drew Christie, and "Waif of Persephone" by Nick Cross).

This year we came up with categories which I think work better.

And here they are:

Atlanta Underground Film Festival
- Atlanta Underground Film Festival Best Short - "God of Tears"
- "AUFF" the Wall Award - "Karaoke Show"

Animation Attack!
- Best Animated Short - "Golden Age"
- Best Foreign Animated Short - "Orgesticulanismus"
- Best Student Animated Short - "God of Tears"
- Best Local Animated Short - "Maniacal"
- Best Local Student Animation Short - "Curtains"
- Best Dramatic Animated Short - "Germans in the Woods"
- Most Impressive Animation Technique - "Muto"
- Animation Attack! Audience Favorite - "Marvelous, Keen, Loony Bin"

Full list of films still at animationattack.com.
Animation Attack! 2008 Thanks and Summary

Photo by Karl Sigler!

Animation Attack! was a success! Many thanks to Eric Panter, Festival Director of the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, Bryan Fordney, who was in charge of projection for Animation Attack! and helped me get films, and Karl Sigler, our ASIFA-Atlanta screening coordinator, and Takuro Masuda, animator ambassador.

Also many thanks to all those who came to the shows and gave me such good feedback- it would appear that you guys liked it a lot, woo hoo! :) I heard that one person said that it was the best animation block they'd seen at a festival; what a compliment! Thanks to the Plaza too- Johnny and Gayle are always so amazing and helpful, and I really, really love the Plaza. And finally, a HUGE thanks to the filmmakers, of course!

I have to say that it was satisfying (and a relief) to sit in the audience (when I wasn't in the booth with Bryan) and hear everyone's reaction. They laughed a lot at "Frog" and "Soccer Time", and so many people mentioned "Marvelous, Keen, Loony Bin" to me. Of course "Golden Age" was a huge hit too! And "Muto"- I mean, I think all of the films were amazing.

I should also give a really big thanks to Stephen Schor without whom I wouldn't have had the honor and pleasure to meet a lot of these filmmakers in NYC. Aaron Augenblick, besides being a hero of mine, was kind enough to spread my call for entries amongst his animators (busy on Superjail!!); thanks to Aaron, too! And Vanessa at Augenblick, who's a good friend of Stephen's and is awesome. Be sure to watch the Superjail premiere on Adult Swim on September 28th at 11:45pm!

We were fortunate to have three filmmakers come to Saturday's show- local Amanda Goodbread, whose film "Curtains" we showed at "Roll Yer Own", and Max Margulies and Naoko Masuda, who came all the way from Philly! Their film, "God of Tears", was a festival favorite and rightly so, as it's quite breathtaking and beautiful.

I'm really happy with out things worked out! I can tell you some of the behind-the-scenes, though: I was in a panic all day Friday because when I connected my laptop to the projector, the image was blue and too big. After a couple trips to Best Buy, I replaced the VGA cable, fixing the color problem, and Johnny from the Plaza showed Bryan and me how to scale the image (plus I changed the resolution). I also got RCA couplers at Best Buy to make the sound work, whew!

Oh, one more thing: thanks our volunteers! My friend Laurence, an active ASIFA-Atlanta volunteer, took care of the door during Saturday's show, and Dustin took care of it during Friday's show. There were several other dedicated Atlanta Underground Film Festival volunteers (including William D Tucker himself, as a projectionist, which was delightfully ironic if you've seen the film he's in, "Panels from the Walls of Hell") that made the whole thing work. Thanks guys!

So my next post will be the Animation Attack! 2008 awards! Yay!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good Day

I had a good day today! Check it:

- Saw the CartoonBrew post about Animation Attack!; thanks Amid!!

- Talked with a talented lady on the telephone. Her band, the Back Pockets, is playing at WonderRoot on September 5th. It'll be crazy! Ryan's in the band too!

- Helped out with the opening night of Atlanta Underground Film Festival; the film I helped project, Cuba-Libre, was awesome, and it feels like accomplishing something when films are showing they're good and people are watching. Sophia, who helped too, rocks, and Eric, festival director, is amazing. I wish the audience had been larger but I think as the week progresses the word will spread.

- Went to (and documented on video) my friends' crazy-awesome band Omelet. They're playing on August 30th at Lenny's!

PS Come to Animation Attack!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Animation Attack! 2008

Press Release on Jay's blog

Thanks to Bryan for the cleanup help on the first image!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rendering/exporting with Flash

Flash is not good at exporting (at least in my experience). It's not so fun to stay up really late finishing a project and then have to wrestle with exporting!

Here's what I do (thanks to Karl Sigler for showing me ffmpeg):

1. From Flash, export your animation as a PNG sequence. Most likely you don't want transparency, so pick "24 bit" instead of "24 bit with alpha".

2. Also from Flash, export just the soundtrack as a .WAV

3. Once that's done, join up the PNGs and WAV file like so:

ffmpeg -r 24 -i cartoon%04d.png -i cartoon.wav -b 900k cartoon.avi

"-r 24" means that your source animation is 24 frames per second. This is a good framerate to work in. Make sure this matches the number you have in your Flash file, though!

"-i cartoon%04d.png" tells ffmpeg where to find the PNG files. If you haven't done much programming the "%04d" may be confusing: it means "a four digit number padded by zeroes", and ffmpeg generates the filenames starting at 1. So in this case it would generate a series of filenames like "cartoon0001.png", "cartoon0002.png" and so on.

"-i cartoon.wav" tells ffmpeg to grab the soundtrack too.

"-b 900k" tells ffmpeg that the output movie should be 900 kbps. Depending on whether you're making a DVD or uploading to YouTube, you'll want to use different values here (the higher the number the higher the quality but the bigger the file also).

"cartoon.avi" is the output filename.

Friday, June 20, 2008

AJC Mention of "Roll Yer Own" re-showing!

Jonathan Williams at AJC mentioned ASIFA-Atlanta's "Roll Yer Own" re-showing!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Roll Yer Own Re-showing and Blowin' Smoke

By popular demand, we've booked the Five Spot again for a re-showing of "Roll Yer Own"! June 25th, 8pm, Five Spot, free!

And on July 14th at the Five Spot also for free we have "Blowin' Smoke"which will showcase Atlanta-produced commerical animation! This is an awesome opportunity to see what kinds of great animation local studios create and also meet the artists who make cartoons for a living. If you're looking for a job in animation, it might also be helpful!

Awesome flyer by John Cason:

We're currently seeking entries for this event; any animation that was done for money is fair game!

Submissions should be sent on DVD to:

410 Candler Park Dr #B3
Atlanta, GA 30307

Email me with questions: brett@fluidtoons.com
Bee Bog on Vimeo

I just noticed "Bee Bog" on Vimeo! It looks so much better than YouTube:

Bee Bog from bryab on Vimeo.

Friday, June 06, 2008

"Roll Yer Own" Re-Showing
June 25th at the Five Spot, 8pm, free! Come see independent Atlanta animation!

This is ASIFA-Atlanta's yearly showcase of local independent animation!

This is a re-showing of the same great independent animation from Atlanta that we showed on Memorial Day- a lot of people missed out because of the holiday (although the Five Spot was packed!!), so we're showing it again for more folks to see :)

The best films of the night will be sent all over the world as a part of the International Animation Day DVD exchange.

Review here:


My brief review and four of the films viewable online:


List of films:

"Roll Yer Own 2008 Intro" - Brett W. Thompson - Flash - 0:47
"Pullumo Arrives" - Solomon Mars - Flash - 4:50
"Sustainability 101" - Mark Smith - Flash - 5:00
"Code Monkey" - Jennifer Barclay - Flash - 3:20
"Knight vs Knight" - Thomas Riley - TI-86 Calculator - 1:41
"Global Warming is Your Fault" - Jerry Fuchs - Flash/Traditional - 1:30
"Hitler's Brain" - Count Lear Bunda - Stuff - 10:19
"Playtime" - Candice Ciesla - Flash/Traditional - 1:40
"Moviekiss: The Lite Brite Video" - Gina Niespodziani - Lite Brite - 4:57
"Bee Bog" - Bryan Fordney - Traditional - 2:50
"Special Delivery" - 3D - Taylor Pate - 2:02
"Farewell to Momentary Picture" - Laurence Laufer - 2D/3D/Trad - 5:48
"Maniacal" - Em Kempf - Stopmo/Traditional - 4:48
"Madagascar Taxi" - Albino Mattioli - Traditional - 1:26
"Words Won't Fail When Words Are Not Applied" - Gary Eddy - ToonBoom - 10:26
"A Mother Goose Tale" - Paige Adair - Flash - 2:05
"24 Frames" - Brad Patullo - Stopmo - 18:12
"Curtains" - Amanda Goodbread - Mixed - 2:54

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bryan Fordney posted "GETGOT" on Vimeo! It looks beautiful!

Getgot from bryab on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Roll Yer Own 2008 was awesome!!

Wow. I'm so proud of the filmmakers here in Atlanta. Roll Yer Own went great!!

Many many thanks to Karl Sigler for doing such a great job putting together the DVD. He even made copies for all the filmmakers!!

Here's a very thorough and excellently written review by our ASIFA-Atlanta Secretary, Jay:

Here's my intro film; I did most of it in one very late night, and the next day had Sean come over and lend me his amazing voice:

"Roll Yer Own 2008 Intro"

And here's Em Kempf's brilliant film "Maniacal":


And Bryan Fordney's absolutely gorgeous "Bee Bog", which I LOVE!! Bryan is definitely one of my favorite independent animators, and he's also my friend :)

"Bee Bog"

Bee Bog from bryab on Vimeo.

Jennifer Barclay is ASIFA-Atlanta's webmaster, and she did this awesome video:

"Code Monkey"

Monday, May 26, 2008

8pm, Five Spot, free!

Independent animation from Atlanta!!


"Roll Yer Own 2008 Intro" - Brett W. Thompson - Flash - 0:47
"Pullumo Arrives" - Solomon Mars - Flash - 4:50
"Sustainability 101" - Mark Smith - Flash - 5:00
"Code Monkey" - Jennifer Barclay - Flash - 3:20
"Knight vs Knight" - Thomas Riley - TI-86 Calculator - 1:41
"Global Warming is Your Fault" - Jerry Fuchs - Flash/Traditional - 1:30
"Hitler's Brain" - Count Lear Bunda - Stuff - 10:19
"Playtime" - Candice Ciesla - Flash/Traditional - 1:40
"Moviekiss: The Lite Brite Video" - Gina Niespodziani - Lite Brite - 4:57
"Bee Bog" - Bryan Fordney - Traditional - 2:50
"Special Delivery" - 3D - Taylor Pate - 2:02
"Farewell to Momentary Picture" - Laurence Laufer - 2D/3D/Trad - 5:48
"Maniacal" - Em Kempf - Stopmo/Traditional - 4:48
"Madagascar Taxi" - Albino Mattioli - Traditional - 1:26
"Words Won't Fail When Words Are Not Applied" - Gary Eddy - ToonBoom - 10:26
"A Mother Goose Tale" - Paige Adair - Flash - 2:05
"24 Frames" - Brad Patullo - Stopmo - 18:12
"Curtains" - Amanda Goodbread - Mixed - 2:54

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Omelet performs Brett W Thompson at New Street Gallery

I think I have the most amazing friends in the entire universe.

OMELET is playing again tonight at Bradley's House wooo!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fwd: ASIFA-Atlanta recommends XPT

Here's an email I sent out to ASIFA-Atlanta:


Although it's not strictly animation, ASIFA-Atlanta thought you might be interested in hearing about XPT, Experimental Puppetry Theater.

XPT is always very creative and imaginative and shows that Atlanta is a hub for the art of puppetry. If you appreciate animation, you might like creative puppet performances too! :)

Additionally, our very own active ASIFA-Atlanta volunteers Wes Parham and Emily Tsuboi are in performances for XPT!

See http://www.puppet.org/perform/xpt08.shtml for details.

Here's the info, courtesy of Em Kempf:

@ The Center For Puppetry Arts
(ages 18 & up only!)
1404 Spring Street N.W. @ 18th...
May 15-18 
Thurs-Sat @ 8pm Sun. @ 5pm  

Thanks so much!

-Brett W. Thompson, President of ASIFA-Atlanta

PS Don't forget about "Roll Yer Own" on May 26th (Memorial Day) at the Five Spot! :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rock and Roll Lawyer Episode 1: CheerleaderCab.com

A while ago I wandered into Fellini's on McLendon (I used to go there nearly every night and kind of miss that part of my daily routine; I got a lot of good drawing done while waiting for slices of pizza to eat). One particular night my good pals Chuck and Mack happened to be there. Mack worked on Sealab 2021, Frisky Dingo, and heads the band Attractive Eighties Women, a band you must see if you haven't already. Chuck and Mack were looking for people to audition for "Rock and Roll Lawyer"!

"Do you want to be an actor for us?" they asked.
I said, "Sure!"

At the time of shooting, I didn't think I did very well at all, but I want to hug whomever did the editing because they enhanced it a lot! Thank you, whoever did the editing! I have no formal training as an actor or in improv, so I was very worried and thought the performance was awkward but seeing it now I'm really happy I was part of this project :)

I play a slightly exaggerated/twisted version of myself, haha.

John Cason, who did the brilliant design for the Roll Yer Own flyer (May 26th at the Five Spot, come come come!!), also auditioned and was given a part!

Take a look and tell me what you think:

Many thanks to Chuck for posting the video and Kate McManus for telling me it was up- I think she liked it :) Like Chuck, she's in LA. Also a huge thanks to Erni Crews for introducing me to this group of friends- Erni's in LA too!! But she is ultimately from Jacksonville, FL (DUUUU-VAL!).

Here's the trailer for "Rock and Roll Lawyer"; John's the first guy you see, who shot a dog:

In other news, I might be doing a tiny bit of animation at work, which would be a dream come true! I'm also hoping to have something short done for Roll Yer Own but I've been having some trouble focusing lately.

Here's a tiny sample though:

That's all for now!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Two Links to Blog Posts, Brief NYC Trip Blurb

So thanks to the generosity of Charles Judson, Gabriel Wardell, and Dan Krovich (of IMAGE Film & Video who do the hard work of putting on the Atlanta Film Fesival, which is no small task), I got to do the filmmaker Q&A and a brief introduction to "Animation Extravaganza"! I particularly loved the Q&A part- asking filmmakers questions was fun!

My pal Jay stayed the whole time and wrote up an excellent review of the event. Thanks Jay! :) In fact he wrote reviews of every day of the entire fest. He's dedicated!

The other link I want to share with you is Tim Rauch's email to me turned blog post where he describes in fascinating detail his process behind his animated film Germans in the Woods. Tim is doing a series of these films based on StoryCorps which you might've heard on NPR. It's incredible- the story is a real (and intense) experience narrated by a real WWII veteran. I would love to show it at this year's Animation Attack... I can't wait to see more of these- the material Tim is working with is so heartfelt and it comes through in his drawings. Tim and his brother Mike have a page for their studio at rauchbrothers.com.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim when I visited NYC and went to the ASIFA-East board meeting, thanks to the kindness of David Levy (ASIFA-East's awesome President). Thanks again ASIFA-East folks for being so welcoming! :)

I had a great time in NYC! Tim was one of several amazing folks I got to meet when I was up there. I also got to stop by Augenblick Studios briefly- they're working really hard on my new favorite series Superjail, created by the unbelievably talented Christy Karacas. We actually showed Christy's incredible films Space War and Bar Fight here in Atlanta at the 2007 Animation Attack, part of the Atlanta Underground Film Festival; they're two of my favorite shorts ever. Many many thanks to Aaron Augenblick, Christy Karacas, and Vanessa Riegel for their kindness!

I was SO excited to meet Aaron and Vanessa and Chris Conforti and several others at a bar in Brooklyn- all because of my good pal Stephen Schor, who gave me a couch to crash on and is good friends with Vanessa. In my mind he is a hero. The fact that Aaron liked my drawings meant so much to me. Maybe I'll post a picture or two another time!

That's it for now! Don't forget about Roll Yer Own! :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I have been busy!

I'm now President of ASIFA-Atlanta. Joe Peery, our previous President, did an awesome job, and it's an honor to take over from him.

"Roll Yer Own" is coming up again! Please submit or come and watch! It's free! May 26th, Five Spot. I would venture to say it's the most important event for independent Atlanta animation so far. Beautiful flyer by John Cason:

Recently it was Bryan's birthday. I drew this for him on a two-by-two foot board, something I learned to do from Hand Job:

I drew two of Bryan's characters seen prominently in his masterpiece GETGOT. Can you spot them?

And somehow Emer got ahold of the piece momentarily at Estoria, resulting in this picture, which I freakin' LOVE. It's so perfect:

Also: come to the Atlanta Film Festival's "Animation Extravaganza", at Midtown Art Cinema, April 18th, 9:30pm! I might be handling the filmmaker Q&A.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Art Show at Tilt!

Pieces of art by me, Thom Foolery, and Jeffrey Lerner!

The opening is this Friday (1/25/08) and starts at 7pm or so. It'll be part of the Castleberry Hills art walk! Tilt is at 274 Walker St, across the street from Marcia Wood and Ty Stokes (Google Maps link).

Thanks soooo much to Annie for curating this show and making the flyer!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Warde Thing Cartoons, Art Show

I have an art show with Thom Foolery and Jeffrey Lerner at Tilt in Castleberry Hills on the 25th (it's part of the art walk!). I'll be posting a flyer once Annie at Tilt makes one. Annie curates shows there and made this one happen- thanks Annie!!!

Also, Ryan sent me two cartoons he just did, and I think he is a genius!! They're minimal but very beautiful and strange (a great combination!) cartoons. I really love his character designs, colors, and trippy neon backgrounds!!

He's been practicing drawing and I can see it! And he's always been really good with color and strange ideas!

What do you think, would you watch these on Adult Swim? I would- I really really love them!! :)

Warde Thang Cartoon #1, by Ryan

Warde Thang Cartoon #2, by Ryan