Friday, September 12, 2008

ASIFA-Atlanta Art Show!

ASIFA-Atlanta is having an art opening/music show/party! It's at the Eyedrum on December 6th, and you are invited :)

Entry will be free for ASIFA-Atlanta members, Eyedrum members, and participating artists, and $7 for other folks.

We are still very much looking for artists. If you email us soon, we will be able to include your name on the flyer when we print it up! :)

Here are the submission details:

- Any art somehow inspired by Golden Age of Comics/Cartoons (we're stretching it from 1920's to 1970's)
- Artists who aren't members of ASIFA-Atlanta will have to pay a $5 entry free
- Artists will be able to sell their art for a price of their choosing (so the $5 will hopefully be easy to get back!)
- Drop off day is November 17th
- Pieces will hang in Eyedrum for about three weeks
- Artists can submit 1-3 pieces
- Please email or to be added to the artist list

The following mind-blowingly amazing bands will be playing:


The Falcon Lords

The Back Pockets

Floating Coats


Thanks to John Cason for making the beautiful flyer!

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