Thursday, September 18, 2008

ASIFA-Atlanta Art Show!

ASIFA-Atlanta is having an art opening/music show/party! It's at the Eyedrum on December 6th. Entry will be free for ASIFA-Atlanta members, Eyedrum members, and participating artists, and $7 for other folks.

This art show was the idea of ASIFA-Atlanta board member Alena Spragg. We want to give our members and the community a chance to show their talents. We also want to throw an event to end the year with a bang!

Most of ASIFA-Atlanta's events are film screenings, but this event will showcase a plethora of art inspired by Golden Age Comics and Cartoons, as well as the extremely creative music of Floating Coats, The Back Pockets, The Falcon Lords, and Omelet. All of these bands either have visual artists as members or are visually interesting themselves. It is certain to be captivating.

The purpose of the theme of Golden Age Comics and Cartoons is to serve as inspiration and also to encourage research and appreciation.

ASIFA-Atlanta is the local chapter of the worldwide animation society ASIFA ("Association International du Film d'Animation"), which was founded in 1960 in France. One need not be an animator to be an ASIFA-Atlanta member. ASIFA aims to promote the art and appreciation of animation.

ASIFA-Atlanta puts together animation screenings of films from all over the world ("International Animation Day"), local independent and commercial films ("Roll Yer Own" and "Blowin' Smoke"), and historical cartoons ("To Hell with Hitler", curated by Clay Croker last February), as well as offering a regular workshop at Manuel's Tavern ( and a weekly figure drawing class (every Thursday night at Westwood College).

Artists participating in this show include veteran animation professionals (Joe Peery, Todd Redner, John Ryan), award-winning comics artists (Rich Tommaso, who recently won the Eisner) and many very talented locals, including several people from the Hand Job Live Art Crew (Thom Foolery, Andrew Bellury, Ted Murphy, Chris Hamer, Amanda Goodbread), and dedicated ASIFA-Atlanta volunteers (Aubrey Longley-Cook, Laurence Laufer, Jacqueline Stringham), as well as independent comics artists (Alex App, Joel Ball, Ambrose Hoilman).

The lovely flyer was designed by John Cason.

The following is the list of artists participating in the show (so far!):

Alena Spragg
Alex App
Allen Spetnagel
Amanda Goodbread
Ambrose Hoilman
Andrew Bellury
April Leigh
Aubrey Longley-Cook
Brandon Ross
Brett W. Thompson
Chris Hamer
Claire Reeve
Jacqueline Stringham
Joe Peery
Joel Ball
John Cason
John Ryan
Laurence Laufer
Rebecca Salcedo
Rich Tommaso
Ryan Bousquet
Savannah Murphy
Solomon Mars
Stephen Sweny
Ted Murphy
Thom Foolery
Todd Redner

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