Friday, December 07, 2007

Upcoming Events!

Fun things that are happening soon!! I would love to see you come to any of these- I've helped make them happen (except Hoo Hah) and appreciate your support of course!

This Saturday, Eyedrum, 9pm: "Hoo Hah"! There will be a play, a fashion show, and two beautiful animated videos by my friend Kristin Jarvis- she is brilliant :)

My dear friend Jacqueline put this together, and the last event she threw at the Eyedrum ("Daddy, I Want a Pony") was incredible and is the only place in Atlanta I've seen an actual pony, so I won't be missing this one. More info here!

December 17th, Five Spot, 8pm: It's an ASIFA-Atlanta party! We'll be showing beautiful international animation we didn't get to show at the High because it came too late: France, China, and Argentina! I'm super excited about France particularly :) And the Floating Coats are going to play music!

Janurary 20th, Eyedrum, 9pm or so: Brandon's going to do his puppet show "The Horrible and Tortuous Report" (I did a tiny bit of animation for it) and my friend Andre's going to play music with Isia Cooper and Gary Eddy and some others- really beautiful music!

Feburary 19th, the Plaza, 7:30pm: Clay Croker, the voice of Zorak from Space Ghost and brilliant animator, has hand-picked twelve cartoons from his 16mm collection- all themed around Hitler! Don't miss "TO HELL WITH HITLER", it'll be awesome!

And last night I did live drawing at the Five Spot for Hand Job, an event from the mastermind of Mr. Thom Foolery! It was a blast, and you should come next month :) Sean Jarrett was kind enough to swing by and videotape the three of us drawing (it was myself, Chris Hamer of URBN-POP, and Ted Murphy of Adult Swim). We used my Dreamcast to let people play NES games on the projector while we drew and painted on stage. Photos here!

I also sold a piece last night! Woo! Here it is (I might be able to find a better picture):

Thanks for reading!