Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bryan Fordney posted "GETGOT" on Vimeo! It looks beautiful!

Getgot from bryab on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Roll Yer Own 2008 was awesome!!

Wow. I'm so proud of the filmmakers here in Atlanta. Roll Yer Own went great!!

Many many thanks to Karl Sigler for doing such a great job putting together the DVD. He even made copies for all the filmmakers!!

Here's a very thorough and excellently written review by our ASIFA-Atlanta Secretary, Jay:

Here's my intro film; I did most of it in one very late night, and the next day had Sean come over and lend me his amazing voice:

"Roll Yer Own 2008 Intro"

And here's Em Kempf's brilliant film "Maniacal":


And Bryan Fordney's absolutely gorgeous "Bee Bog", which I LOVE!! Bryan is definitely one of my favorite independent animators, and he's also my friend :)

"Bee Bog"

Bee Bog from bryab on Vimeo.

Jennifer Barclay is ASIFA-Atlanta's webmaster, and she did this awesome video:

"Code Monkey"

Monday, May 26, 2008

8pm, Five Spot, free!

Independent animation from Atlanta!!


"Roll Yer Own 2008 Intro" - Brett W. Thompson - Flash - 0:47
"Pullumo Arrives" - Solomon Mars - Flash - 4:50
"Sustainability 101" - Mark Smith - Flash - 5:00
"Code Monkey" - Jennifer Barclay - Flash - 3:20
"Knight vs Knight" - Thomas Riley - TI-86 Calculator - 1:41
"Global Warming is Your Fault" - Jerry Fuchs - Flash/Traditional - 1:30
"Hitler's Brain" - Count Lear Bunda - Stuff - 10:19
"Playtime" - Candice Ciesla - Flash/Traditional - 1:40
"Moviekiss: The Lite Brite Video" - Gina Niespodziani - Lite Brite - 4:57
"Bee Bog" - Bryan Fordney - Traditional - 2:50
"Special Delivery" - 3D - Taylor Pate - 2:02
"Farewell to Momentary Picture" - Laurence Laufer - 2D/3D/Trad - 5:48
"Maniacal" - Em Kempf - Stopmo/Traditional - 4:48
"Madagascar Taxi" - Albino Mattioli - Traditional - 1:26
"Words Won't Fail When Words Are Not Applied" - Gary Eddy - ToonBoom - 10:26
"A Mother Goose Tale" - Paige Adair - Flash - 2:05
"24 Frames" - Brad Patullo - Stopmo - 18:12
"Curtains" - Amanda Goodbread - Mixed - 2:54

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Omelet performs Brett W Thompson at New Street Gallery

I think I have the most amazing friends in the entire universe.

OMELET is playing again tonight at Bradley's House wooo!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fwd: ASIFA-Atlanta recommends XPT

Here's an email I sent out to ASIFA-Atlanta:


Although it's not strictly animation, ASIFA-Atlanta thought you might be interested in hearing about XPT, Experimental Puppetry Theater.

XPT is always very creative and imaginative and shows that Atlanta is a hub for the art of puppetry. If you appreciate animation, you might like creative puppet performances too! :)

Additionally, our very own active ASIFA-Atlanta volunteers Wes Parham and Emily Tsuboi are in performances for XPT!

See for details.

Here's the info, courtesy of Em Kempf:

@ The Center For Puppetry Arts
(ages 18 & up only!)
1404 Spring Street N.W. @ 18th...
May 15-18 
Thurs-Sat @ 8pm Sun. @ 5pm  

Thanks so much!

-Brett W. Thompson, President of ASIFA-Atlanta

PS Don't forget about "Roll Yer Own" on May 26th (Memorial Day) at the Five Spot! :)