Friday, June 20, 2008

AJC Mention of "Roll Yer Own" re-showing!

Jonathan Williams at AJC mentioned ASIFA-Atlanta's "Roll Yer Own" re-showing!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Roll Yer Own Re-showing and Blowin' Smoke

By popular demand, we've booked the Five Spot again for a re-showing of "Roll Yer Own"! June 25th, 8pm, Five Spot, free!

And on July 14th at the Five Spot also for free we have "Blowin' Smoke"which will showcase Atlanta-produced commerical animation! This is an awesome opportunity to see what kinds of great animation local studios create and also meet the artists who make cartoons for a living. If you're looking for a job in animation, it might also be helpful!

Awesome flyer by John Cason:

We're currently seeking entries for this event; any animation that was done for money is fair game!

Submissions should be sent on DVD to:

410 Candler Park Dr #B3
Atlanta, GA 30307

Email me with questions:
Bee Bog on Vimeo

I just noticed "Bee Bog" on Vimeo! It looks so much better than YouTube:

Bee Bog from bryab on Vimeo.

Friday, June 06, 2008

"Roll Yer Own" Re-Showing
June 25th at the Five Spot, 8pm, free! Come see independent Atlanta animation!

This is ASIFA-Atlanta's yearly showcase of local independent animation!

This is a re-showing of the same great independent animation from Atlanta that we showed on Memorial Day- a lot of people missed out because of the holiday (although the Five Spot was packed!!), so we're showing it again for more folks to see :)

The best films of the night will be sent all over the world as a part of the International Animation Day DVD exchange.

Review here:

My brief review and four of the films viewable online:

List of films:

"Roll Yer Own 2008 Intro" - Brett W. Thompson - Flash - 0:47
"Pullumo Arrives" - Solomon Mars - Flash - 4:50
"Sustainability 101" - Mark Smith - Flash - 5:00
"Code Monkey" - Jennifer Barclay - Flash - 3:20
"Knight vs Knight" - Thomas Riley - TI-86 Calculator - 1:41
"Global Warming is Your Fault" - Jerry Fuchs - Flash/Traditional - 1:30
"Hitler's Brain" - Count Lear Bunda - Stuff - 10:19
"Playtime" - Candice Ciesla - Flash/Traditional - 1:40
"Moviekiss: The Lite Brite Video" - Gina Niespodziani - Lite Brite - 4:57
"Bee Bog" - Bryan Fordney - Traditional - 2:50
"Special Delivery" - 3D - Taylor Pate - 2:02
"Farewell to Momentary Picture" - Laurence Laufer - 2D/3D/Trad - 5:48
"Maniacal" - Em Kempf - Stopmo/Traditional - 4:48
"Madagascar Taxi" - Albino Mattioli - Traditional - 1:26
"Words Won't Fail When Words Are Not Applied" - Gary Eddy - ToonBoom - 10:26
"A Mother Goose Tale" - Paige Adair - Flash - 2:05
"24 Frames" - Brad Patullo - Stopmo - 18:12
"Curtains" - Amanda Goodbread - Mixed - 2:54