Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blast from the Past: Review of "Fluidtoons" from 2006

Thanks to Google Alerts, I found an old review of "Fluidtoons" from when it screened at the 2006 Atlanta Film Festival!

Brandon liked it:

Makes me want to make more Fluidtoons and/or be in Atlanta Film Festival again. Thank you Brandon! :)

Fluidtoons are the easiest type of animation for me to do- around 2004, I figured out the very very basics of Flash and just started drawing and tracing, doing little straight-ahead animation exercises that eventually I assembled into "Fluidtoons" for the 2004 IFL screening at FSU, at the encouragement of my friend Cameron... I definitely wasn't going to submit anything, not having made any live action film, but Cameron said, "Why don't you put together some of these animations you've been doing?" It was at that screening it won the audience choice award! I had never experienced sitting in a theatre seeing people laugh at my animation before. It was quite a trip!

A couple years later, Joe Peery (my ASIFA-Atlanta predecessor and mentor) and Ward Jenkins saw it at the Animation Slam at the Earl in 2006, and liked it so much that it won somehow, and was entered into the Atlanta Film Festival. I met some important folks at that Slam: Joanna Davidovich and pretty much the entire Lillie B Ross Society, a member of whom (John Cason) now does beautiful graphic design for ASIFA-Atlanta flyers.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ASIFA-Atlanta Golden Age of Comics/Cartoons Show

Awesome press release written by Jay, ASIFA-Atlanta secretary! Flyer by John Cason!


(404) 522-0655

ATLANTA, GA - ASIFA-Atlanta, in association with Eyedrum, is proud to present its first annual ASIFA-Atlanta Art Show. In keeping with the spirit of ASIFA, the collection of work by its members is inspired by the Golden Age of Comics and Cartoons. There promises to be an exceptional display of character driven and humorous pieces that is indicative of the work being produced by Atlanta's animation community. The collection will feature contributions from over three dozen artists. (A partial list of artists is attached below.) The majority of pieces displayed will also be available for sale.

The show will be on display at Eyedrum Gallery with the following schedule:

Opening, Saturday, December 6th, 8pm - 11pm; ($7 admission; Free for Eyedrum Members, ASIFA Members and Participating Artists)

Regular gallery hours are:
Fridays (3:00pm - 8:00pm)
Saturdays and Sundays (1:00pm - 6:00pm), through December 28th.

Additionally, the Opening Night of the Gallery Show will feature food, drinks and live music performances by Omelet, The Back Pockets, Floating Coats, and The Falcon Lords. (Music contacts and further info is attached below.)

Promotional art (original poster design by John Cason) is attached and is also available for download at:

Partial list of artists:

Paige Adair, Deirdre Aims, Alex App, Joel Ball, Jonathan Bass, Andrew Bellury, Ryan Bousquet, Bianca Butler, John Cason, Aubrey Longley-Cook, Almon Ray Crosby, Chris Diamond, Jason Desilva, eggtooth, Lindsey Elcessor, Thom Foolery, Jerry Fuchs, jert, Amanda Goodbread, Kat Hagan, Merill Hagan, Chris Hamer, Ambrose Hoilman, Em Kempf, Josh Latta, Laurence Laufer, April Leigh, Solomon Mars, Oscar D. Mejia, Savannah Murphy, Ted Murphy, Anthony Owsley, Robert Paraguassu, Joe Peery , Claire Reeve, Brandon Ross, John Ryan, Rebecca Salcedo, Rebecca Scott, San Smith, Allen Spetnagel, Alena Spragg, Jacqueline Stringham, Stephen Sweny, Brett W. Thompson, Rich Tommaso

Featured music on Opening Night:
The Back Pockets
Floating Coats
Falcon Lords

ASIFA-Atlanta is quickly becoming the foremost animation community builder in the Southeast. "ASIFA" stands for Association Internationale du Film d'Animation and was founded in France in 1960 as a membership organization devoted to encouraging animation. Our goal is to bring together people who are interested in animation and to give them a forum to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and, most importantly, animation! For more information, please visit:

Established in 1998, Eyedrum is a non-profit organization developing an interdisciplinary approach to the arts by incorporating a wide range of contemporary art, music and new media in its gallery space.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don Hertzfeldt, Xtacles, Costa Rica, WonderRoot show, Eyedrum show

Oh man. I'd like to write more but I have to pack!

- Don Hertzfeldt tonight was awesome!! Thanks to everyone who came and especially to those who helped make it happen (Karl Sigler especially, and Robert and Laurence for their handiwork, and Alena who updated an important spreadsheet). I could thank so many people! Kelly Duane, whose blog I was reading then clicked on her link to Don's to discover he was going on tour which led to tonight, deserves thanks too, even though she's in NYC!

- There's a brand new series on Adult Swim by 70/30! You might know their previous shows, "Sealab: 2021" and "Frisky Dingo". The new show's a spinoff of "Frisky Dingo" and is called "The Xtacles". If you watch closely, you can spot my face in the first episode; look for the bearded guy in the second half of the show:

The Xtacles Epsidode 1

I don't know how long that link'll work. Here's an article about the series.

- I'm leaving for Costa Rica at 7am to help with the Montezuma International Film Festival there. I have not packed yet.

- There's going to be an amazing music and art show November 22nd at WonderRoot. Three of my most favorite bands in the world (Omelet, The Back Pockets, and Eshniner Forest) will be playing, along with other bands I don't know about yet. More details to come soon, but rest assured it's going to be amazing because Em Kempf is running it- and any show with Omelet OR The Back Pockets is great, and this one has both!!

- The next ASIFA-Atlanta event is our big art and music show on December 6th. If you're an artist, dropoff is December 3rd at Eyedrum. We're still working out the details for art dropoff.