Monday, June 20, 2011

Fluidtoons at Howl! Festival Art Around the Park

Fluidtoons at Howl Festival Art Around the Park
Fluidtoons at Howl Festival Art Around the Park

Photo by Franck Goldberg

Thanks to Frank Goldberg for sending me the lovely photo above!

This was amazing- I stumbled upon the opportunity to paint on the street in public in NYC, a total dream of mine, especially as someone who admires Keith Haring so much. This made me incredibly happy. I particularly loved it when people would stop to take photos or to chat with me. The fact that I was able to stumble onto an opportunity like this without even trying makes me love NYC even more.

I had wandered out of my apartment to get some orange juice to drink and saw all the artists painting around Tompkins Square Park. I thought, I just have to seize this and participate. I asked a few of the artists where to sign up. I then quickly headed for the registration table, hoping there were still slots available. I'd even seen signs for the Howl! Festival but had no idea about Art Around the Park.

Once I found the registration table, the gentleman asked me if I had my supplies with me. I sure didn't; I only took a single backpack and a viola on this trip. I asked him where the closest hardware store was (it was just up the block!). I rushed over there, came back, and was ecstatic to secure a spot.

My photos of the progress:









Photo by Neon Sandwich

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