Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Art Show at Tilt!

Pieces of art by me, Thom Foolery, and Jeffrey Lerner!

The opening is this Friday (1/25/08) and starts at 7pm or so. It'll be part of the Castleberry Hills art walk! Tilt is at 274 Walker St, across the street from Marcia Wood and Ty Stokes (Google Maps link).

Thanks soooo much to Annie for curating this show and making the flyer!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Warde Thing Cartoons, Art Show

I have an art show with Thom Foolery and Jeffrey Lerner at Tilt in Castleberry Hills on the 25th (it's part of the art walk!). I'll be posting a flyer once Annie at Tilt makes one. Annie curates shows there and made this one happen- thanks Annie!!!

Also, Ryan sent me two cartoons he just did, and I think he is a genius!! They're minimal but very beautiful and strange (a great combination!) cartoons. I really love his character designs, colors, and trippy neon backgrounds!!

He's been practicing drawing and I can see it! And he's always been really good with color and strange ideas!

What do you think, would you watch these on Adult Swim? I would- I really really love them!! :)

Warde Thang Cartoon #1, by Ryan

Warde Thang Cartoon #2, by Ryan