Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Warde Thing Cartoons, Art Show

I have an art show with Thom Foolery and Jeffrey Lerner at Tilt in Castleberry Hills on the 25th (it's part of the art walk!). I'll be posting a flyer once Annie at Tilt makes one. Annie curates shows there and made this one happen- thanks Annie!!!

Also, Ryan sent me two cartoons he just did, and I think he is a genius!! They're minimal but very beautiful and strange (a great combination!) cartoons. I really love his character designs, colors, and trippy neon backgrounds!!

He's been practicing drawing and I can see it! And he's always been really good with color and strange ideas!

What do you think, would you watch these on Adult Swim? I would- I really really love them!! :)

Warde Thang Cartoon #1, by Ryan

Warde Thang Cartoon #2, by Ryan


Eater said...

I bet these cartoons are huge in the continent just above Corsica.

(I loved those :)

Tim Rauch said...

brett! can't find an email address for you on here, but send me a message at timothyrauch@gmail.com and i'll shoot you all those links, just in case your handwriting wasnt so good in the dark light of that beery little pub. definitely a good time and i hope we see more of you ATLiens soon!