Friday, December 07, 2007

Upcoming Events!

Fun things that are happening soon!! I would love to see you come to any of these- I've helped make them happen (except Hoo Hah) and appreciate your support of course!

This Saturday, Eyedrum, 9pm: "Hoo Hah"! There will be a play, a fashion show, and two beautiful animated videos by my friend Kristin Jarvis- she is brilliant :)

My dear friend Jacqueline put this together, and the last event she threw at the Eyedrum ("Daddy, I Want a Pony") was incredible and is the only place in Atlanta I've seen an actual pony, so I won't be missing this one. More info here!

December 17th, Five Spot, 8pm: It's an ASIFA-Atlanta party! We'll be showing beautiful international animation we didn't get to show at the High because it came too late: France, China, and Argentina! I'm super excited about France particularly :) And the Floating Coats are going to play music!

Janurary 20th, Eyedrum, 9pm or so: Brandon's going to do his puppet show "The Horrible and Tortuous Report" (I did a tiny bit of animation for it) and my friend Andre's going to play music with Isia Cooper and Gary Eddy and some others- really beautiful music!

Feburary 19th, the Plaza, 7:30pm: Clay Croker, the voice of Zorak from Space Ghost and brilliant animator, has hand-picked twelve cartoons from his 16mm collection- all themed around Hitler! Don't miss "TO HELL WITH HITLER", it'll be awesome!

And last night I did live drawing at the Five Spot for Hand Job, an event from the mastermind of Mr. Thom Foolery! It was a blast, and you should come next month :) Sean Jarrett was kind enough to swing by and videotape the three of us drawing (it was myself, Chris Hamer of URBN-POP, and Ted Murphy of Adult Swim). We used my Dreamcast to let people play NES games on the projector while we drew and painted on stage. Photos here!

I also sold a piece last night! Woo! Here it is (I might be able to find a better picture):

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

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Eshniner Forest said...

I'm about to call you on the phone!! AAA!!

Tara said...

Your drawings are amazing.. I try to follow their physics and my brain kinda hurts, hehe... As I've said before, it's amazing that your mind works that way, it's definitely a rare thing. I hope you do more animations soon! Anyway, I like the little plunger-hand guy, he looks like he's fun people... and the horse who looks kinda pissed at him is funny

Brett W. Thompson said...

Oh wow!! What kind words, thank you SO much, Tara!!! :) So encouraging :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! Reminds me of Picasso's Guernica!

Brett W. Thompson said...

Thanks Rick! :)