Friday, November 16, 2007

Polar Bear Sketch

So I'm working with my two extremely talented friends
Ryan and Bryan on a new cartoon. Ryan's designing the main character, a polar bear! He just posted some new drawings of the bear, and they're great!

Anyway, based on Ryan's drawing, I sketched the character before starting to work on the storyboards.

He's not perfect- he definitely looks a bit stiff, but he is kind of an uptight character. It felt SO good to finally put some time into working on a cartoon.

Thanks to Ryan for telling me to go ahead and post this sketch!


Okapi Figment William said...

looking good!!!

Brett W. Thompson said...

Yay thanks so much! :)

Alex R. said...

That's a quality polar bear! I'm digging the expression on the top-right.

(you're so versatile -- this doesn't look much like your traditional style, but it looks great!)

Brett W. Thompson said...


Your encouragement means a lot to me, thanks so much!! :) I hadn't thought of myself as very versatile, in fact I often worry how limited my abilities are, but your comment is SO appeciated! And you're totally right, this 30's style *is* different from the Fluidtoons I usually do! :)

I wish Blogger had an LJ-style reply feature in comments...

Anyway seriously thanks!! :)

Wouldn't have happened without Ryan, who wrote the first comment (Okapi Figment William) :)

Tara said...

Hey, that's cool!

Brett W. Thompson said...

Awww thanks so much Tara!! :)