Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blast from the Past: Review of "Fluidtoons" from 2006

Thanks to Google Alerts, I found an old review of "Fluidtoons" from when it screened at the 2006 Atlanta Film Festival!

Brandon liked it:

Makes me want to make more Fluidtoons and/or be in Atlanta Film Festival again. Thank you Brandon! :)

Fluidtoons are the easiest type of animation for me to do- around 2004, I figured out the very very basics of Flash and just started drawing and tracing, doing little straight-ahead animation exercises that eventually I assembled into "Fluidtoons" for the 2004 IFL screening at FSU, at the encouragement of my friend Cameron... I definitely wasn't going to submit anything, not having made any live action film, but Cameron said, "Why don't you put together some of these animations you've been doing?" It was at that screening it won the audience choice award! I had never experienced sitting in a theatre seeing people laugh at my animation before. It was quite a trip!

A couple years later, Joe Peery (my ASIFA-Atlanta predecessor and mentor) and Ward Jenkins saw it at the Animation Slam at the Earl in 2006, and liked it so much that it won somehow, and was entered into the Atlanta Film Festival. I met some important folks at that Slam: Joanna Davidovich and pretty much the entire Lillie B Ross Society, a member of whom (John Cason) now does beautiful graphic design for ASIFA-Atlanta flyers.


Jeremy said...

I hope you do more Fluidtoons!

Ward Jenkins said...

Yes, more fluidtoons! Or I'mma come over there and smack ya!

I still laugh at your work, Brett. Makes me happy. Love it. I do hope you get some more done.

Brett W. Thompson said...

Jeremy: Thanks so much, yay!! You were there back in the day!! :)

Ward: Aw, wow! Thank you SO much!!! I still really really look up to you and Joe, so your comment means a lot to me. Also, I don't know if I mentioned it before, but the whole reason I got connected with the Atlanta animation scene is thanks to your blog and a search for "atlanta animation".

I didn't really realize how much you enjoyed my work, awwww!! That does make me want to do more :) And I hope someday you have some time to put into your film too, that you were talking about a while back- Tex Avery-influenced- but those b-boy pieces are incredible, so I think you're doing great :)