Sunday, September 28, 2008

Superjail premieres tonight!

I'm a huge fan of Superjail. Aaron Augenblick hired an unbelievably talented staff, and he and Christy Karacas are brilliant.

Several of the films in Animation Attack! came from Augenblick folks who worked on Superjail! We showed two of Christy's films last year, and this year Aaron's film "Golden Age" got Best Animated Short, for instance.

I also got to visit Augenblick Studios briefly when I visited NYC. What an awesome place!!

So, Superjail premieres tonight at 11:45pm on Adult Swim, woo hoo!

I just found some extras on

- Pilot (with extras!! wow!!)
- First Episode (airing tonight I think?)

Thanks to Radio Diatribe blog for these links!

I love Superjail for many reasons. It's great to see full, beautiful, crazy animation like this, and it's inspiring and encouraging that it was all done by hand and not shipped anywhere. It's great to see the crazy gags (I'm a sucker for violence). And it's really great to see super talented animators working on something they love (it shows!).

I'm hoping Superjail will have a big impact and bring more appreciation for hand-drawn, creative animation like this. Yay!

Support Superjail!! I want to see a second season happen, even though I've only seen two episodes, haha!

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