Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good Day

I had a good day today! Check it:

- Saw the CartoonBrew post about Animation Attack!; thanks Amid!!

- Talked with a talented lady on the telephone. Her band, the Back Pockets, is playing at WonderRoot on September 5th. It'll be crazy! Ryan's in the band too!

- Helped out with the opening night of Atlanta Underground Film Festival; the film I helped project, Cuba-Libre, was awesome, and it feels like accomplishing something when films are showing they're good and people are watching. Sophia, who helped too, rocks, and Eric, festival director, is amazing. I wish the audience had been larger but I think as the week progresses the word will spread.

- Went to (and documented on video) my friends' crazy-awesome band Omelet. They're playing on August 30th at Lenny's!

PS Come to Animation Attack!

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