Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I have been busy!

I'm now President of ASIFA-Atlanta. Joe Peery, our previous President, did an awesome job, and it's an honor to take over from him.

"Roll Yer Own" is coming up again! Please submit or come and watch! It's free! May 26th, Five Spot. I would venture to say it's the most important event for independent Atlanta animation so far. Beautiful flyer by John Cason:

Recently it was Bryan's birthday. I drew this for him on a two-by-two foot board, something I learned to do from Hand Job:

I drew two of Bryan's characters seen prominently in his masterpiece GETGOT. Can you spot them?

And somehow Emer got ahold of the piece momentarily at Estoria, resulting in this picture, which I freakin' LOVE. It's so perfect:

Also: come to the Atlanta Film Festival's "Animation Extravaganza", at Midtown Art Cinema, April 18th, 9:30pm! I might be handling the filmmaker Q&A.


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Thanks!!! :D

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