Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rock and Roll Lawyer Episode 1:

A while ago I wandered into Fellini's on McLendon (I used to go there nearly every night and kind of miss that part of my daily routine; I got a lot of good drawing done while waiting for slices of pizza to eat). One particular night my good pals Chuck and Mack happened to be there. Mack worked on Sealab 2021, Frisky Dingo, and heads the band Attractive Eighties Women, a band you must see if you haven't already. Chuck and Mack were looking for people to audition for "Rock and Roll Lawyer"!

"Do you want to be an actor for us?" they asked.
I said, "Sure!"

At the time of shooting, I didn't think I did very well at all, but I want to hug whomever did the editing because they enhanced it a lot! Thank you, whoever did the editing! I have no formal training as an actor or in improv, so I was very worried and thought the performance was awkward but seeing it now I'm really happy I was part of this project :)

I play a slightly exaggerated/twisted version of myself, haha.

John Cason, who did the brilliant design for the Roll Yer Own flyer (May 26th at the Five Spot, come come come!!), also auditioned and was given a part!

Take a look and tell me what you think:

Many thanks to Chuck for posting the video and Kate McManus for telling me it was up- I think she liked it :) Like Chuck, she's in LA. Also a huge thanks to Erni Crews for introducing me to this group of friends- Erni's in LA too!! But she is ultimately from Jacksonville, FL (DUUUU-VAL!).

Here's the trailer for "Rock and Roll Lawyer"; John's the first guy you see, who shot a dog:

In other news, I might be doing a tiny bit of animation at work, which would be a dream come true! I'm also hoping to have something short done for Roll Yer Own but I've been having some trouble focusing lately.

Here's a tiny sample though:

That's all for now!


Eshniner Forest said...

Brett!! Ok next Saturday Night go to bed early!! We need to meet up next sunday and knock something out!!

Tim Rauch said...

ridiculous. nice.