Monday, April 21, 2008

Two Links to Blog Posts, Brief NYC Trip Blurb

So thanks to the generosity of Charles Judson, Gabriel Wardell, and Dan Krovich (of IMAGE Film & Video who do the hard work of putting on the Atlanta Film Fesival, which is no small task), I got to do the filmmaker Q&A and a brief introduction to "Animation Extravaganza"! I particularly loved the Q&A part- asking filmmakers questions was fun!

My pal Jay stayed the whole time and wrote up an excellent review of the event. Thanks Jay! :) In fact he wrote reviews of every day of the entire fest. He's dedicated!

The other link I want to share with you is Tim Rauch's email to me turned blog post where he describes in fascinating detail his process behind his animated film Germans in the Woods. Tim is doing a series of these films based on StoryCorps which you might've heard on NPR. It's incredible- the story is a real (and intense) experience narrated by a real WWII veteran. I would love to show it at this year's Animation Attack... I can't wait to see more of these- the material Tim is working with is so heartfelt and it comes through in his drawings. Tim and his brother Mike have a page for their studio at

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim when I visited NYC and went to the ASIFA-East board meeting, thanks to the kindness of David Levy (ASIFA-East's awesome President). Thanks again ASIFA-East folks for being so welcoming! :)

I had a great time in NYC! Tim was one of several amazing folks I got to meet when I was up there. I also got to stop by Augenblick Studios briefly- they're working really hard on my new favorite series Superjail, created by the unbelievably talented Christy Karacas. We actually showed Christy's incredible films Space War and Bar Fight here in Atlanta at the 2007 Animation Attack, part of the Atlanta Underground Film Festival; they're two of my favorite shorts ever. Many many thanks to Aaron Augenblick, Christy Karacas, and Vanessa Riegel for their kindness!

I was SO excited to meet Aaron and Vanessa and Chris Conforti and several others at a bar in Brooklyn- all because of my good pal Stephen Schor, who gave me a couch to crash on and is good friends with Vanessa. In my mind he is a hero. The fact that Aaron liked my drawings meant so much to me. Maybe I'll post a picture or two another time!

That's it for now! Don't forget about Roll Yer Own! :)

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