Saturday, September 23, 2006

I always love Kevin's posts! Today's was about Tex Avery's "Little 'Tinker", and I had actually watched this one before- I love it too!!

When I'd watched it I found one part I particularly liked and went through it frame by frame. I captured some and put them below... Something about how the feet movement cracks me up so much!

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Kevin Langley said...

That is a great walk, and the character is so goofy it's such a great constrast to the other bunnies. One of the things I love about Tex MGM cartoons is that he has the great Disney, for the most part, animators doing beautiful work except they're doing things that only Tex could think of as opposed to cutesy stuff. I don't think there's a better comedic director in film than Tex Avery, no one gets me to laugh the way he does.

BTW, I dig that last "Not So Smart" post. Really funny drawing, the guy in the center is priceless.