Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The ASIFA-Atlanta holiday party was a blast!! :D

I got to meet Lee Crowe who animated in LA for 20 years- she worked on "Cool World" and a bunch of other films, holy smoke! She is super nice too. She likes my drawings!! That made me really, really happy.

Ward showed some really amazing old animation from UPA and Oskar Fischinger. Then I got to show my friend Bryan's animation "Get Got" (viewable online here) which I loooooooooove!!!! He also built the website for Animation Attack, a fest we're planning to have in July. Call for entries coming soon hopefully!

Then Joe Peery's band the Floating Coats played! Everybody seemed to love it :)

A bunch of my friends were there- people I adore so much! Charles Judson from CinemATL was there of course, and my good friend Robert, through whom I met Bryan in the first place (and lots of other people). Another very good buddy of mine, Karl, was also there (he is in charge of the Animation Workshop that meets monthly!!). Felix drew me and various other people. Joe K from Primal handled signing up new members. I also had the pleasure of seeing my pals Sean Corey Adams and Joanna Davidovich, although I didn't get to hang with them as much as I wanted!

I'm sure I'm forgetting several people I love a lot (Jeffrey and Ashtree!!) but it was really fun :)

Yay for ASIFA!

At Lee's recommendation, I'm probably going to join ASIFA-Hollywood. I never thought about it since I don't live there of course, but apparently they send you movies sometimes.

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