Monday, April 30, 2007

Poster sized drawing I just did:

It's always a lot of fun to do these! Back in October '05 I think it was, I did one for V89 and sent it off (if you want to look at that one, it's the first entry in this blog). My friend Cameron was visiting me at the time and suggested I do one every Sunday! Well, I've skipped quite a few Sundays since but I do have a small pile of them accumulated at this point :)

Lots more I want to blog about: teaching Flash at SCAD to 30 eager and excellent students (thanks to Amanda), Blood Car, and of course Chickenheads (and me!) on PBS... lots more too, it's been too long since I've written in here!

For upcoming Atlanta animation events, see the ASIFA-Atlanta Google Calendar! :)

Entries for Roll Yer Own (ASIFA-Atlanta's screening of local independent and student animated works) are due tomorrow but watch for an email from Karl with more details.

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