Thursday, March 12, 2009

ASIFA-Atlanta's first mention in Creative Loafing

I've always wanted our events to be mentioned in Creative Loafing.

Thanks to Jeremy Abernathy of Ghostmap Microwave, my dream came true!

Creative Loafing Post about "Sita Sings the Blues"

Jeremy thoroughly researched the film- the post is very informative.

Last night's screening was awesome and probably one of our smoothest-running. I think we're getting the hang of things, having done this a few times now. The Plaza was tremendously helpful (please support them, they are really, really good guys there) and our volunteers did great (Alena, Bryan, Fatimah, and Sandee)!! Big huge thanks to everyone who came out!

I might write more about the experience in the future (possibly a five-minute guide to how to put on a film event?), but I was so excited about the Creative Loafing post I had to mention that immediately.

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