Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mail Trends

This is my email volume over the years, generated by mail-trends.


Alex Rudnick said...

That's a whole lot of email!

Also, that's great that you can put your hands on your email from 2004; I guess at that point, I was getting all my mail on university servers (and using pine!). I think I've got a lot of it backed up -- but, what did you do to feed it into mail-trends? Did you migrate it over to gmail for searchability?

Brett W. Thompson said...

Alex!! :)

Thanks so much for your comment, yay!

I wish I did have all my mail from university migrated to Gmail; I remember backing it up somewhere (actually, maybe on hackmode?), but I don't have it currently :)

The 2004 you see there is actually when I started using Gmail!

mail-trends is fascinating though, it shows you more graphs than the one I posted here.