Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cameron and Brett jam

Thanks to my lovely and amazing teacher Nirvana, I'm able to barely play some very basic viola.

Thanks to Bradley for having Cameron and myself over, we were able to jam, which felt wonderful. I loved playing music with my close friends so much!

Thanks to Catherine, there's a video of us jamming.

I felt so encouraged after this that I hauled my viola on my trip to Cinanima in Portugal, though I didn't actually practice at all (bad!).

Anyway, here is Cameron and me jamming:

My pinky is not proper (it should be bent, not stiff and straight) and my posture isn't so good either, but I love how Cameron and I sound together.


cathuhhrine said...

I love this video!

Alex Rudnick said...

I love this video too! :D

Cameron's guitar-slapping technique is pretty sweet.

c said...

miss you both!!!