Friday, August 27, 2010

Steve Sharkey's letter to GoPro

My good buddy Steve Sharkey (of just got a GoPro Hero helmet-cam because he's amazing and hilarious and I can't wait to see documentation of his life. We were hoping to film him (me on a secondary camera) at Dragon*Con.

I think Steve has the potential to be the next MrChiCity!! If you haven't seen that dude's videos, MrChiCity Goes to McDonald's is one I have watched many, many times.

Sharkey is working on getting his first video together to post to the SharkeyParties YouTube channel, but unfortunately he has lost the camera in a Florida river! Damn!!!

I have to admit I was slightly worried about this possibility occurring when I received the following text message from him that same day:

I'll call u later filming on the jet ski

Maybe you have to know him personally but I think it's pretty funny and a little tragic; here's his email to GoPro, hopefully they'll send him a free one or something:

I purchased the GoPro Helmet Hero cam 8/13/2010. As of yesterday it is now lost on the bottom of a river. I was filming on my wave runner, with the cam properly attached to a bell vented helmet, with the helmet strap that was supplied with the camera. I was tubing, fell off the tube, came out the water, with a helmet and helmet strap on my head, but no camera. I am definitely not satisfied with the product, especially the buckles and fastening systems you offer. I was planning on having a lot of fun with the GoPro Hero. I was just trying to be a Hero, now I feel like a Zero. The quick release buckle seemed to act like an easy release buckle. I don’t feel my use or activity was extreme or abusive compared to some of the footage I’ve seen on the web site. I hope this is an isolated incident and a buckle malfunction. What can we do to resolve this buckle issue and the loss of the Hero? The first few days I had to play with the camera I absolutely loved it.

Thanks for you time and concern with this loss

Steve Sharkey

I love this guy!

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