Friday, November 19, 2010

ASIFA-Atlanta President, 02/12/08 to 11/19/10

As of today, I have stepped down as president of ASIFA-Atlanta. I'm relieved that I found an amazing successor and that I get a break from coordinating screenings and events. I think my life is going to be significantly less stressful now, hopefully!

I'll still be involved but without the responsibility of the entire organization on my shoulders.

Here's the email I sent out:

Hi animation fan,

After almost three years as president of ASIFA-Atlanta, I've decided to step down to attempt to focus on my own art (and reduce the stress in my life!).

However, I leave you in very good hands- Fatimah Abdullah has offered to take the helm, and she is my top choice. As of today, as my last act as president, I hereby install Fatimah as president of ASIFA-Atlanta. Other positions may be available during our annual elections in February, though I am happy with the current board (we could use a volunteer coordinator however and always need more help).

I will continue to be involved with ASIFA-Atlanta as our international representative and webmaster. You will probably even still get emails from me.

Thank you so much for your support over the years!

Please welcome Fatimah; her email is

-Brett W. Thompson

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