Friday, December 17, 2010

"Chickenheads Live" at WonderRoot, December 14th 2010

Apologies for the terrible camera angle; Sean had set it up nicely and then I moved it when I saw it was getting the backs of heads of seated audience members. But now I wish I'd just left it, some heads probably wouldn't have been so bad, and probably an improvement over this footage! I also wanted to get the performers in frame but only really got Nirvana. I hope we get to do it again so I can get some better footage. Next time perhaps I can get performers to cover everything so I can concentrate on just filming.

Despite all the set up required for this (projector, screen, microphone, laptop, synthesizer plus amplifier, music stand, video camera and its microphone and tripod, plus rehearsals), I think the audience got a kick out of it. I do hope to do more! It does feel kind of crazy to spend like an hour setting up a lot of equipment for less than five minutes of performance! Perhaps I should have these be longer somehow.

Also, the confusion about what exactly "Chickenheads Live" meant was inspiring! I would like to do a GWAR-style theatrical production someday, but I don't think I can make that happen anytime soon.

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