Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Piece in Brooklyn Studio

I finally made time to go to my studio and paint for the first time. Unfortunately it's an hour away, but it felt absolutely amazing to paint- I want to do it for tons more hours. I almost feel euphoric when I paint big like this.



The blue spraypaint actually came from a gentleman in the subway- he stands around with a little stand and creates art on top of subway maps and sells them. Somehow he could tell I was an artist and gave me an almost-empty blue Krylon can; it made me so happy.

I would totally sell this piece for cheap!


Alex Rudnick said...

Hey Brett! :)

I really like that piece! The blue border kind of pops out, but the contrast between the guys emotions... really great!

How are you moving money around these days? Could Lindsey and I buy that one?

Brett W. Thompson said...

Oh wow thank you so much Alex!!!

This one's already been sold actually- I'm writing you an email about it, too!