Saturday, July 28, 2007

My really good friend
Jeremy Van Doren
(who also did "Playing with Power", in an earlier post) recently emailed me to tell me he had re-edited this short film, "Will it Bounce?". I really love what he did with it!! :)

I'm not sure if I remember exactly but I think we had gotten together to shoot stuff for "Playing with Power", and afterwards we decided to shoot this. It was really fun! I don't think there was a script really, I think Grant just came up with the idea and we went from there.

"Will it Bounce?"

Thanks for watching!! :)

That might be the last bit of video with me in it- I've got one more in mind I'd like to post but I don't have it at the moment (Jed does though).

I really haven't done that much film acting- you've seen almost all of it now if you've been reading the past entries :) I really enjoy it though and would love to do more. It seems like less work than animation- like, I'm always amazed at how easily you can get a bunch of footage, to me it's like a deluge of frames.

I'm very glad to be back in Atlanta; I went to an amazing circus art event thing at MJQ on Thursday. It was incredible, I saw lots of friends I needed to see (thanks to Amanda Goodbread for reminding me to go to that).


Okapi Figment William said...

Brett thats pretty dang COOOOOOOLLLL!!!!! I like the part when your smelling a little paper & then toss it to the ground, very funny!

Len said...

Good stuff. Brett, you really have a natural charisma for film.

And don't forget your notable performance as Sir Alfred Walsingham in "The Chameleon".

- Len

Brett W. Thompson said...

Haha thank you so much, Ryan!! :D I appreciate it! :)

And Len, I really appreciate your comment, aww!! :) Actually I'd love to post a clip from "The Chameleon"- it was exactly what I was referring to when I mentioned one more that I knew of...

I'm forever thankful to you for taking care of me and directing me so well that day, too! :) It was a blast, and I was so happy to do that even though it was awesomely exhausting haha, whee! I would do it again any time :)

Len said...

Hmmm, I'll nag Jed about posting some of those vids...