Sunday, July 15, 2007

So the last post I talked about being in some films my friends made...

Well, this was the first one!! I was a freshman in college and my dear friend Jed was kind enough to ask me to be in this short skit. It felt great.

Jed works in film in LA now!

"Enter the Trash Room"

There are a couple things you get to see here: me as a younger person without a beard and the inside of our dorm, Gilchrist, where I lived for my first two years of college. The names on the door "Brett" and "Robert" were my name and Robert Hill's name, who went on to make really cool films of his own (he also makes great music!) in FSU's Media Production program.

Also!! ASIFA-Atlanta is putting on "Blowin' Smoke" at the Five Spot on July 23rd!

I will be there but will probably be tired from travel- I'm in Ireland right now for work, and it's beautiful here, but I'm flying back that same day as "Blowin' Smoke", hah.

It'll be fun though, an animation showcase of local commerical work.

Thanks for reading!


Alex R. said...

*laughs* Brilliant!

We grow up a lot, over six years... but I remember visiting that building.

Brett W. Thompson said...

Thanks for watching, Alex! :) I'm surprised that I hadn't showed that to you earlier! Maybe you had seen it before?

Geez, six years.... holy smoke...

You know I remember Glenn hall!! Tim Dorr and Corey... and the RA who had that weapon thing he had some kind of name for..

Six years whooa!!

I look different now, Amanda wrote me an email saying "whaaaa??" hahaha :)

Elizabeth said...

lol, the face may be different but the laugh is exactly the same!! :-D

Nelson C. Woodstock said...

I too walk around humming public domain tunes.

Okapi Figment William said...

Brett that its a neat little film! I like to tune a lot!