Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ASIFA-Atlanta Animation Draws 6, 7, 8

I finally put together the last three Animation Draws. Thanks to Aaron Barnes for doing the music!

Our next Animation Draw is Saturday, Feb 20th, 3pm-7pm, at WonderRoot. No experience necessary- we provide light tables, paper, and markers!

This time for most of it I used a Canon MP780 scanner, which happens to have an auto-document feeder!! I've dreamed of the day I could just put stacks of paper into a machine that would scan for me. I actually like the way shooting with a camera looks- it has a certain noise/warmth to it that I love, and sometimes the colors on the scanner are too bright. Shooting with a camera might even be faster (and iStopMotion, the program I've been using, is fantastic), but this MP780 is certainly much less work.

Hannah and I were about to toss the MP780 into the dumpster, but I gave it one more try (after Tak's birthday party at my place, wooo!!!) and was so amazed when it worked.

You can see it in action at the very start of the video.


cathuhhrine said...

The tree with bloody brains is amazing!

Brett W. Thompson said...

Isn't it??? That's one of my all-time favorite things made at any Animation Draw! So I put it in there twice, hahaha :)