Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fluidtoons Sketchbook One now available!

Fluidtoons Sketchbook One


So I put together a book of drawings and a few pages of comics! Now you can buy it (or download it for free) thanks to

I put this together as a portfolio piece for the MFA program in Experimental Animation at CalArts, but it was so satisfying that I may do more of these. The comics particularly seem to be popular, and I have tons more drawings I could put together.

A huge thanks to Erica Schreiner who showed me with her amazing book, Hellos & Goodbyes, which is a collection of her heartfelt short stories and is wonderful!


Alex Rudnick said...


So much beautiful! :D

(Do you get a cut when people buy the physical version? Have you sold a bunch yet?)

Brett W. Thompson said...

Aww, thanks Alex!!!! :D

I do get a cut- I think about four dollars.

Last I checked I haven't sold any, although maybe people are downloading it, which would be cool, too :)

bryan elfboy said...

well done sir

missing. said...

I love this book! Everyone should buy it. Thanks again, Brett!