Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Fluidtoons animation showing at High Museum of Art

This Saturday, January 8th, the High Museum of Art is closing the Dali exhibition with "Dali 'Til Dawn." Starting at 10am they're open for 31 hours straight!

Be there at 7:50pm sharp for a brand new Fluidtoons piece featuring a live soundtrack; it's during the WonderRoot block and will feature:

- Sean Jarrett on vocals
- Cameron Stuart on guitar
- Nirvana Kelly on violin
- Shitty Bedford on drums
- Bradley Bailey on something


Alex Rudnick said...

Alright, congratulations!! :)

I like the live soundtrack approach -- how'd you get the idea to start doing that?

Brett W. Thompson said...

Aw thanks sooo much Alex!!!!

We started the live soundtrack thing when we did a performance at Highland Inn; it was me and Sean and my first film. I think I just wanted to do something a little more showy than just screening a film. Now I have kind of a band going!!! :)