Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Omnipresent Toychest - Siamese Sonata #1

This is the most fun I have ever had on stage in my entire life.


Alex Rudnick said...

Woooo! So cool! The masks on the band make it that much weirder, and then Cameron shows up in a white suit all of a sudden!

Why the black edges around the video? (was the camera hidden in a box or something? ...)

Brett W. Thompson said...

Thanks so much, Alex!!!! :) Haha, yes, I was supposed to have a mask too but didn't get one from Bradley. We'll have full costumes for Siamese Sonata #2!!!! :) I was laughing about Cameron too, you can possibly see it in the video :)

The black edges come from the wide-angle lens I've put on the camera- you're actually seeing the inner edges of the lens, I think. It's kind of a cute effect, but oftentimes I wish it actually weren't there. I don't understand enough about optics and lens stuff to make it go away (normally a slight zoom in will fix it but sometimes I want as much wide-angle as possible).